Thursday, 31 March 2011

Assignment Ahoy!

Howdy all!

It's been a few weeks and my blog and it's content has substantially improved. I've also come to realise how both important and useful actively managing a blog, delicious account, and flicker account is. Blogs allow organisation and freedom to publicise ideas, thoughts and progress. Delicious allows convenient and easy storage and sharing of bookmarks. Flickr allows simple uploading and sharing of videos and images, and support to find them as well, and join groups.

My Blog
To date, I've posted 10 blog posts, with another one in mind to follow this one soon. Some of them include:
The entire dorm smells like soap
Late night hooligans
Tumbleweed is evil and I dislike it
Plovers are evil and I dislike them

I've done plenty of work on my blog template, such as editing fonts, colors, different elements and objects, and changing the background to a nice stock artwork. I've went through all the various settings and experimented with them. Since I'm starting to develop a more silly comical theme for my blog, I'm planning to soon make adjustments to the template again, to be more fitting of the blog's content.

I 've commented on other blogs, some of the comments include:
I want cookies now
Visual Communications Conclusion

Also on my blogger, I've shared some links to popular sites I enjoy, such as The Angry Video Game Nerd, and Failblog, both of which are quite hilarious. I've also kept my posts organisd, by using tags, such as Food, Hurtsies, Microwave and University Escapades. I'm currently following Hayleys blog, and when I find some more interesting ones I'll surely follow them as well and actively comment.

I currently have 10 bookmarked web pages, and also have joined several networks, such as those with Andrew Saxby, Arthur Collie and Aaron Pierce. In total that's an additional 17 bookmarks I share. The bookmarks I have currently saved interest me because they are relevant to my university endeavours, my hobbies such as playing guitar, social websites I regularly visit, and other resource sites that help me, such as Photoshop tutorials. To organise my bookmarks I've utilised tags, and clustered those that are all about University.

My 3 favourite websites are:
Ultimate Guitar, because it is my resource for guitar tabliture, equipment reviews and music news.
My Youtube Channel, because I'm able to share my music video recordings, and of course watch videos.
Thesaurus, because as nerdy as this sounds, I'm always struck for creative words when writing songs, or doing homework, and it helps me expand my vocabulary. STFU haters.

 I've uploaded 10 images so far on my account. Some of which being photos, others being drawings I've done. I've joined two groups, and made use of tags. I've also favourited some images. I've found Flickr to be quite impressive when it comes to its networking. I've already had other outside users favourite some of my images. I've organised my images into sets as well.

My favourite images are:
The Beholder, which is my own image which I drew, and am happy to share.
Lol-cake, because not only is it awesome, but delicious.
Link Notepad, which I'm both a fan of the style and art, and also of the video game series the character is from.

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