Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The entire dorm smells like soap.

It's midnight again, about 3am, and I'm asked to microwave more objects over facebook! The first suggestion is... soap! I run over to the cottage in front of mine to find Lachlan. I'm in my boxers, and to my surprise run into a common room full of people. Don't these people sleep? The tables are littered with Mc Donalds paper bags. Seems they done an infamous 'Maccas Run'.
     I gather up Lachlan, and we race back to our cottage. We use my soap. MY LAST SOAP. Dettol, healthy Touch. It's yellow and smells nice... :<

     I try and set the microwave to 90:01. (ITS OVER 9000!!!) but unfortunately the maximum is 9000. Minutes later, it foams into a large abomination which infuses the entire cottage with the smell of soap! This is the latest picture we have of it intact. The plate eventually melted, and the entire thing set on fire and we feared it would set of all the fire alarms.

Oh and then we chased a mouse and set it on fire. =D

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