Saturday, 26 March 2011

Whitetails are evil and I dislike them

So there I was, in bed sleeping comfortably... well actually rather uncomfortably. I was sharing my single bed with my girlfriend and she likes to steal all the blanket, and stretch out on the bed so I'm hanging by my life on the very edge of the bed. I'm cold, uncomfortable, but mostly afraid. Little did I know that this was the least of my problems.
     The white-tailed spider, which are renown for being 'hunting and wandering' spiders, had found its way into my bed, and fucking bit me on my pinky finger. Although I didn't take too much notice of the bite or pain that night, I have quickly found over the last 2 days that I fucking hate white-tailed spiders.
     Over the past 2 days, my pinky finger has quickly swelled to a size greater then my thumb. Around the bite is an incredibly painful dark red swelling. Although their bite does very rarely cause symptoms like nausea and dizziness like a lot of other spiders, it can have a small chance to cause necrosis (the premature death of cells and living tissue), which does require surgery. Hopefully this will not occur else I will be posting a very angry blog in a couple of days. >:(
     I'm now paranoid of ants, and other crawling insects in fear that they are spiders. I've already had two incidents today where I had mini freak-outs because I thought there was another spider crawling on me. The first was actually an ant. The second was just some dry grass I flicked up onto my leg while walking. Don't laugh, the grass looked slightly spider-ish.
     I had a read about white-tailed spiders, apparently it's very common for them to wander into bed-sheets and such. Unlike other spiders, they do not try and catch their prey in webs, but instead are vagrant hunters. You can read a bit about them here, although I can guarantee the one that bit me was not as scary-huge as the ones in the example pictures there.

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