Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Late Night Hooligans

It's midnight, and Lachlan and I are hungry. HUNGRY FOR FRUIT DESTRUCTION. We spontaneously decide to microwave an orange, and then an apple, and make bets as to whether they will explode, burn or soften. And so, the orange is first!

The orange violently boiled inside. After a couple of minutes, its boiling insides pierced through its skin and sizzled out. We waited longer for a more dramatic desolation, but nothing else happened.

We opened it up to find that the inside was almost completely dehydrated. Perhaps if we waited longer it would have burnt.

The apple we were a little more fearful of, expecting perhaps it to fiercely explode. About two minutes into its doom, it began to emit loud fizzing sounds. (like a minecraft creeper, ready to explode).

Soon after, it began to melt. It softened up and the apple reduced to a near pulp. 

In conclusion, the microwave was sticky with fruit remnants, and the orange smelt like strong burning citrus. Perhaps another night we will find more things to microwave! :D


  1. yay microwaving stuff pre sure you need more interesting items like army men or something that will deform a little more

  2. I got asked to microwave soap. WILL DELIVAH WITH PIX.