Sunday, 20 March 2011

Plovers are evil and I dislike them

I'm not a religious person. I'm agnostic, and don't believe nor am concerned about the existence of a superior being or the such. However, on a Sunday evening, while stumbling around my university common room drunk with Lachlan Bourne, we saw a poster tagged on the wall promoting a 7pm church event at the university. Since everything seemed like a great idea drunk, we jumped at the idea, and within 5 minutes were on our way to uni church.
     Where does plovers come into this? Be fucking patient I'm getting to that. So me and Lachlan left our cottage and trekked toward the uni church! On the way, our drunken stampeding and loud noise apparently stirred up a plover on it's nest, (and perhaps chasing it also contributed to it's reaction), and so the plover made some bastardly evil sound and started trying to swoop and intimidate us (or me). It wasn't long until there was a total of 4 of them.
     For those who aren't familiar with plovers. They are evil birds with spurs on their wings, and they raise their wings and make a high pitch screech to attempt to scare off potential predators. You can actually read about them here.


    On a positive note, we fled this horrific assault and made it safe and sound to church. And we sung deathcore to the hymns and Lachlan spewed in the toilets.

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