Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Assessment 3

And so MPI104 comes to a close, although I expected I wouldn't take much from the course, instead I have. The course has helped to show me how I can make an online presence, through use of free services such as Blogger, Flickr, and Delicious. Flickr and Delicious have proven very useful resources for organising and uploading photos/bookmarks, which are accessible by others if I chose, and also myself on other computers.

I've learnt about the collaboration of all these different resources/sites, and how they come together and affect and promote one another. By managing two or more of these sites, users are able to greatly empower their online presence and promote whatever their website is about, whether its a portfolio or informative website.

For my website, I decided to take the traditional method by not using a WYSIWYG (What you see, is what you get) editor, but instead writing the entire website from scratch in HTML and CSS. Although, I have learnt the power of software such as dreamweaver, and Iweb, which for a future website with more content I'm sure I'll use.

I never knew what an RSS feed until  few weeks ago, and although I still don't fully grasp the concept, I'm sure I will soon (although unfortunately not soon enough for the assignment).

I am disappointed that I didn't dedicate my blog to something I would have been more committed and motivated to manage, I do believe in the future I will likely make new accounts for such commitments.

Here is what I have worked on during the subject.
My Website
My Flickr
My Delicious

Perhaps the best metal zelda covers I've seen

While surfing the internet on a late Wednesday Night... (or morning as it may be), I come across an artist which goes by the name of 'Artificial Fear', who made their own heavy metal version covers of Legend of Zelda songs. Their incredibly original, with their own compositions implemented within, such as the addition of solos. Amazing quality, and sound, for all fans of the soundtrack, I'd recommend checking them out!

Check them out on this website

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Portfolio Ahoy

Website is not working because CSU FTP is shit. Nonetheless here is my post on my website.

Due to my passionate rage for Macs, and proficient and preferred use in code, I've decided to just do what I've always done when it came to making a website; opening up notepad.exe and writing it out completely myself. I've also used dreamweaver before, but I thought by writing it entirely myself instead of using a WYSIWTG application, would be a test of how well I still remember HTML and CSS, and also possibly get me brownie points.

I decided to keep it simple and 'indie', and make it a showcase for my musical creations that I've written over the past few years. I've included information about myself, as well as 3 links in the forms of images to different pages, each showcasing different music I've made. I have links to contact me, as well as all my social networks such as blogger, youtube, and facebook. All graphics on the site are my own, including the background, album artwork, title graphics and I also did not use a template in any form. The title graphic, as in all websites nowadays, can be clicked to return to the homepage.

I've also implemented two different media players. One is simply for viewing youtube videos, and the only to listen to a select few music pieces on my homepage.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Legend of Zelda - Chocolate of Time

In the modern day, it's rumoured that the ancient triforce now exists in chocolatey form, it's pieces scattered across the land in different supermarkets. Those who desire its goodness, must conquer retail attendants, and gain the latest electronic devices to press on forward, in hope to find the deliciously awesome triforce.

Monday, 18 April 2011


From this point forward, the floor is now lava. You must proceed only by improvisation. Whether its jumping across chairs and tables, or climbing the walls, or grapple-hooking onto the ceiling, there's no excuse. If your very toe touches the ground your dead. So take this seriously and keep reading to find out how to save yourself!

The rules.
No touching the ground.
No using small objects like books or towels to make a path. They will burn up and you will die.
No surrendering.

The Goal.
You must first make your way to the kitchen without touching the ground, and find and take a suitable object that can hold water. such as a pot or even bucket. You then must make your way to the bathroom sink, and fill it half way at least with water. Then make your way back to your room. Then success, you have conquered the game and the floor is no longer lava.

And if you fail?
Play realistically. If you touch the ground, set you feet on fire, or preferably find a volcano and jump in it.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Name your hero!

2 years ago or so, I broke my Nintendo Wii Console at my cousins place in a rather clumsy fashion. I tripped over a cable from it, which caused the console to fall off the shelves it was on, and hit the ground rather hard. To my surprise, it never worked after that. I tried to open it up to repair it but couldn't, and my warranty had also ran out. I reacted pretty well to the whole accident. I just stared at the white noise on the television and said out loud "well fuck."

A few days ago however, I decided it was time to get a new one! With the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns, and soon Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword - I definitely was anxious to get another. My girlfriend suggested I save my money, and that being at University I probably wouldn't have much time to play it anyway, however I ended up picking up a cheap pre-owned console. The first game I started playing again was Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess.

What is your name? The main menu asks me, when I click the corresponding button to begin a new quest. It then asks me to name my horse. I snicker a little, as hilarity ensures as a result of what I named both my hero and my horse.

My name is 'cunt'. And my horse's name is 'my penis'.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Assignment Ahoy!

Howdy all!

It's been a few weeks and my blog and it's content has substantially improved. I've also come to realise how both important and useful actively managing a blog, delicious account, and flicker account is. Blogs allow organisation and freedom to publicise ideas, thoughts and progress. Delicious allows convenient and easy storage and sharing of bookmarks. Flickr allows simple uploading and sharing of videos and images, and support to find them as well, and join groups.

My Blog
To date, I've posted 10 blog posts, with another one in mind to follow this one soon. Some of them include:
The entire dorm smells like soap
Late night hooligans
Tumbleweed is evil and I dislike it
Plovers are evil and I dislike them

I've done plenty of work on my blog template, such as editing fonts, colors, different elements and objects, and changing the background to a nice stock artwork. I've went through all the various settings and experimented with them. Since I'm starting to develop a more silly comical theme for my blog, I'm planning to soon make adjustments to the template again, to be more fitting of the blog's content.

I 've commented on other blogs, some of the comments include:
I want cookies now
Visual Communications Conclusion

Also on my blogger, I've shared some links to popular sites I enjoy, such as The Angry Video Game Nerd, and Failblog, both of which are quite hilarious. I've also kept my posts organisd, by using tags, such as Food, Hurtsies, Microwave and University Escapades. I'm currently following Hayleys blog, and when I find some more interesting ones I'll surely follow them as well and actively comment.

I currently have 10 bookmarked web pages, and also have joined several networks, such as those with Andrew Saxby, Arthur Collie and Aaron Pierce. In total that's an additional 17 bookmarks I share. The bookmarks I have currently saved interest me because they are relevant to my university endeavours, my hobbies such as playing guitar, social websites I regularly visit, and other resource sites that help me, such as Photoshop tutorials. To organise my bookmarks I've utilised tags, and clustered those that are all about University.

My 3 favourite websites are:
Ultimate Guitar, because it is my resource for guitar tabliture, equipment reviews and music news.
My Youtube Channel, because I'm able to share my music video recordings, and of course watch videos.
Thesaurus, because as nerdy as this sounds, I'm always struck for creative words when writing songs, or doing homework, and it helps me expand my vocabulary. STFU haters.

 I've uploaded 10 images so far on my account. Some of which being photos, others being drawings I've done. I've joined two groups, and made use of tags. I've also favourited some images. I've found Flickr to be quite impressive when it comes to its networking. I've already had other outside users favourite some of my images. I've organised my images into sets as well.

My favourite images are:
The Beholder, which is my own image which I drew, and am happy to share.
Lol-cake, because not only is it awesome, but delicious.
Link Notepad, which I'm both a fan of the style and art, and also of the video game series the character is from.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The entire dorm smells like soap.

It's midnight again, about 3am, and I'm asked to microwave more objects over facebook! The first suggestion is... soap! I run over to the cottage in front of mine to find Lachlan. I'm in my boxers, and to my surprise run into a common room full of people. Don't these people sleep? The tables are littered with Mc Donalds paper bags. Seems they done an infamous 'Maccas Run'.
     I gather up Lachlan, and we race back to our cottage. We use my soap. MY LAST SOAP. Dettol, healthy Touch. It's yellow and smells nice... :<

     I try and set the microwave to 90:01. (ITS OVER 9000!!!) but unfortunately the maximum is 9000. Minutes later, it foams into a large abomination which infuses the entire cottage with the smell of soap! This is the latest picture we have of it intact. The plate eventually melted, and the entire thing set on fire and we feared it would set of all the fire alarms.

Oh and then we chased a mouse and set it on fire. =D

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Late Night Hooligans

It's midnight, and Lachlan and I are hungry. HUNGRY FOR FRUIT DESTRUCTION. We spontaneously decide to microwave an orange, and then an apple, and make bets as to whether they will explode, burn or soften. And so, the orange is first!

The orange violently boiled inside. After a couple of minutes, its boiling insides pierced through its skin and sizzled out. We waited longer for a more dramatic desolation, but nothing else happened.

We opened it up to find that the inside was almost completely dehydrated. Perhaps if we waited longer it would have burnt.

The apple we were a little more fearful of, expecting perhaps it to fiercely explode. About two minutes into its doom, it began to emit loud fizzing sounds. (like a minecraft creeper, ready to explode).

Soon after, it began to melt. It softened up and the apple reduced to a near pulp. 

In conclusion, the microwave was sticky with fruit remnants, and the orange smelt like strong burning citrus. Perhaps another night we will find more things to microwave! :D

Monday, 28 March 2011

OM NOM NOM Delicious

 I've always had my toolbar cluttered with unorganised bookmarks, and it was only now that I found out about a site and resource called 'Delicious', which organises your bookmarks, and makes them much more convenient to add. I'll definately find it handy to use, and I'm glad to have registered an account.

You can check out my growing bookmark archive here!

I can has Flickr?

I've registered a flickr account! Although skeptical at first, I've already found out that it's both an effective way to share pictures, and to also find pictures as well. Someone favourited my drawing too. YAYAY for minor achievements!

You can check out my photostream here!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Whitetails are evil and I dislike them

So there I was, in bed sleeping comfortably... well actually rather uncomfortably. I was sharing my single bed with my girlfriend and she likes to steal all the blanket, and stretch out on the bed so I'm hanging by my life on the very edge of the bed. I'm cold, uncomfortable, but mostly afraid. Little did I know that this was the least of my problems.
     The white-tailed spider, which are renown for being 'hunting and wandering' spiders, had found its way into my bed, and fucking bit me on my pinky finger. Although I didn't take too much notice of the bite or pain that night, I have quickly found over the last 2 days that I fucking hate white-tailed spiders.
     Over the past 2 days, my pinky finger has quickly swelled to a size greater then my thumb. Around the bite is an incredibly painful dark red swelling. Although their bite does very rarely cause symptoms like nausea and dizziness like a lot of other spiders, it can have a small chance to cause necrosis (the premature death of cells and living tissue), which does require surgery. Hopefully this will not occur else I will be posting a very angry blog in a couple of days. >:(
     I'm now paranoid of ants, and other crawling insects in fear that they are spiders. I've already had two incidents today where I had mini freak-outs because I thought there was another spider crawling on me. The first was actually an ant. The second was just some dry grass I flicked up onto my leg while walking. Don't laugh, the grass looked slightly spider-ish.
     I had a read about white-tailed spiders, apparently it's very common for them to wander into bed-sheets and such. Unlike other spiders, they do not try and catch their prey in webs, but instead are vagrant hunters. You can read a bit about them here, although I can guarantee the one that bit me was not as scary-huge as the ones in the example pictures there.

Friday, 25 March 2011

I love cheesecake

Cheesecake is amazing. I want cheesecake. Even the cheap home-brand strawberry ones from your local supermarket are incredible. And cheap. Cancel your plans, and go get some right now because it's awesome. If your at a cafe, instead of ordering your usual toasted sandwich and coffee, why not get a slice of cheesecake or three?

My initial thoughts on cheesecake was, 'Is it really made from cheese?'. I thought about common cheeses like tasty, mozzarella and swiss. It was quite a sickening thought to imagine a cake made from cheese. BUT WRONG. It was made from cream cheese, and ridicolous amounts of sugar... and biscuits!

There's so many different flavors and types of cheesecake to taste.
  • Fruit (strawberries, blueberries, mango, peaches, etc)
  • Chocolate, vanilla, etc
  • Alcoholic (baileys, Cointreau, etc)
  • And other fancy ones, like baked cheesecakes.
Perhaps your keen to make your own? There's a nice collection of recipes here.
    Here's some pictures of cheesecake to TEMPT you!


    Monday, 21 March 2011

    Tumbleweed is evil and I dislike it

     It's 6pm and I want food! TO THE DINING HALL.

    Myself and Jess (who is really small), head over to the hall, anticipating what could be on the menu for tonight. Hopefully chicken schnitzel. Or maybe lamb roast. Fyeah. Anyway, so we approach the building WHEN SUDDENLY LVL.30 TUMBLEWEED APPEARS. The entire west side (I'm making up a direction because I really don't care) of the hall is consumed by tumbleweed! The pathway is neck-deep in it.

    And so I run through it, flailing my arms around attempting to push it forward and make a larger pile, or if I'm lucky, a ball of it! I imagine the look of peoples faces entering the dining hall when they see a young man frantically emerge through an enormous pile of tumbleweed. :D

    IT'S A TRAP.

    Under the masses, there's a few large planters which I bash my knee against! I HAVE BEEN DECEIVED BY TUMBLEWEED. LURED INTO IT'S TRAP OF CONCRETE. Jess has no idea what has happened. I drop a few (and by few I mean a million) f-bombs, until I finally man-up and proceed through the rest of the tumbleweed, jumping out of it dramatically, only to realise there's no one there yet to see my awesome entrance. :( SAD FACE

    We got into the dining hall before there was any sort of line-up of university students, which was good. Because I like food and I don't want to wait for it. AND OMG. Roast Lamb AND ICECREAM. Perhaps my best dining hall dinner here yet. Also tried Cobbler for the first time. Which was awesome. I recommend it.



    Sunday, 20 March 2011

    Plovers are evil and I dislike them

    I'm not a religious person. I'm agnostic, and don't believe nor am concerned about the existence of a superior being or the such. However, on a Sunday evening, while stumbling around my university common room drunk with Lachlan Bourne, we saw a poster tagged on the wall promoting a 7pm church event at the university. Since everything seemed like a great idea drunk, we jumped at the idea, and within 5 minutes were on our way to uni church.
         Where does plovers come into this? Be fucking patient I'm getting to that. So me and Lachlan left our cottage and trekked toward the uni church! On the way, our drunken stampeding and loud noise apparently stirred up a plover on it's nest, (and perhaps chasing it also contributed to it's reaction), and so the plover made some bastardly evil sound and started trying to swoop and intimidate us (or me). It wasn't long until there was a total of 4 of them.
         For those who aren't familiar with plovers. They are evil birds with spurs on their wings, and they raise their wings and make a high pitch screech to attempt to scare off potential predators. You can actually read about them here.


        On a positive note, we fled this horrific assault and made it safe and sound to church. And we sung deathcore to the hymns and Lachlan spewed in the toilets.

    Hello World!

    And thus, I have created this blog to exist as my compilation of useless facts, university escapades, drunken mishaps, and shenanigans in general. Here you will not find cute stories about my family pets, or my thoughts about a special somebody, but instead recounts of how many times I fell over drunk, stupid things I did in the mall while under the influence of sugar and caffeine, and Legend of Zelda puns.
        So have a read, and you might find something relevant to your interests, or potentially entertaining. Perhaps you'll just feel good about yourself when I make a geeky reference concerning a video game or meme which you actually understand. :D