Monday, 18 April 2011


From this point forward, the floor is now lava. You must proceed only by improvisation. Whether its jumping across chairs and tables, or climbing the walls, or grapple-hooking onto the ceiling, there's no excuse. If your very toe touches the ground your dead. So take this seriously and keep reading to find out how to save yourself!

The rules.
No touching the ground.
No using small objects like books or towels to make a path. They will burn up and you will die.
No surrendering.

The Goal.
You must first make your way to the kitchen without touching the ground, and find and take a suitable object that can hold water. such as a pot or even bucket. You then must make your way to the bathroom sink, and fill it half way at least with water. Then make your way back to your room. Then success, you have conquered the game and the floor is no longer lava.

And if you fail?
Play realistically. If you touch the ground, set you feet on fire, or preferably find a volcano and jump in it.

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