Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Assessment 3

And so MPI104 comes to a close, although I expected I wouldn't take much from the course, instead I have. The course has helped to show me how I can make an online presence, through use of free services such as Blogger, Flickr, and Delicious. Flickr and Delicious have proven very useful resources for organising and uploading photos/bookmarks, which are accessible by others if I chose, and also myself on other computers.

I've learnt about the collaboration of all these different resources/sites, and how they come together and affect and promote one another. By managing two or more of these sites, users are able to greatly empower their online presence and promote whatever their website is about, whether its a portfolio or informative website.

For my website, I decided to take the traditional method by not using a WYSIWYG (What you see, is what you get) editor, but instead writing the entire website from scratch in HTML and CSS. Although, I have learnt the power of software such as dreamweaver, and Iweb, which for a future website with more content I'm sure I'll use.

I never knew what an RSS feed until  few weeks ago, and although I still don't fully grasp the concept, I'm sure I will soon (although unfortunately not soon enough for the assignment).

I am disappointed that I didn't dedicate my blog to something I would have been more committed and motivated to manage, I do believe in the future I will likely make new accounts for such commitments.

Here is what I have worked on during the subject.
My Website
My Flickr
My Delicious

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