Thursday, 19 May 2011

Portfolio Ahoy

Website is not working because CSU FTP is shit. Nonetheless here is my post on my website.

Due to my passionate rage for Macs, and proficient and preferred use in code, I've decided to just do what I've always done when it came to making a website; opening up notepad.exe and writing it out completely myself. I've also used dreamweaver before, but I thought by writing it entirely myself instead of using a WYSIWTG application, would be a test of how well I still remember HTML and CSS, and also possibly get me brownie points.

I decided to keep it simple and 'indie', and make it a showcase for my musical creations that I've written over the past few years. I've included information about myself, as well as 3 links in the forms of images to different pages, each showcasing different music I've made. I have links to contact me, as well as all my social networks such as blogger, youtube, and facebook. All graphics on the site are my own, including the background, album artwork, title graphics and I also did not use a template in any form. The title graphic, as in all websites nowadays, can be clicked to return to the homepage.

I've also implemented two different media players. One is simply for viewing youtube videos, and the only to listen to a select few music pieces on my homepage.

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